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Real Estate Lead Generation

Website Design

Your website should be like your favorite pair of sneakers: a classic design, your own unique flare, and comfortable enough for any task.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Lead Generation

I’ve learned real estate lead generation from some of the best in the industry! SEO, PPC, squeeze pages and social media – I’ll find your perfect solution.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Training and Integration

After your marketing is up and running, I won’t leave you hanging. I teach maintenance to you and your team so you can make your own future edits.

Real Estate Lead Generation Components and Skills

One of my favorite parts of helping a client develop a real estate lead generation system is Targeting.  This is where you dream up your idea of a perfect client.  What do they need?  What are their fears?  How can you help?  Answering these questions will help your marketing message speak directly to your target audience, which makes lead conversion a breeze.  The best part about Targeting is that you don’t have to limit yourself to only ONE ideal client.  I like to develop marketing campaigns for each of your target clients, that way you’ve got multiple real estate lead generation sources.
After you figure out who your target client is, you’ve got to get in front of them, provide value, and begin building a relationship with them.  Everybody says that if you want to have successful real estate lead generation, you gotta be doing social media.  In general, it’s best to think of social media as a way to connect to existing and potential clients without a sales pitch.  Of course, there are plenty of ways to use social media for lead generation as well!  In fact, Facebook Ads are producing some of my very best ROI’s right now.
You’ve heard it before:  Content is King… and it’s an absolute fact!  Of course, the word ‘content’ doesn’t just apply to blogs and articles anymore.  Short attention spans rule the day, so the content that wins is easily consumable.  Things like videos, photos, infographics and interactive media are getting more activity than ever, with the added bonus of leaving a lasting impression with those who view it.  The important thing to remember about your content is that it must provide value to the person who’s reading it; don’t talk about yourself, talk about how you can help them!
Web Design: 92%
Lead Generation: 95%
SEO: 85%
Coffee Consuming: 97%
Social Media: 85%
Lead Conversion: 70%
Content Writing: 80%

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Testimonials and Reviews

Brittany Milstead is the genius helping me with my web stuff and she is a ninja with Jason Wenk’s MM1 and the Joe Simonds program. Amazing rates considering what she has done for me!
Brittany Milstead was a pleasure to work with and I am certain she will be an asset to any corporation or business.
She is an exceptional writer, and has superb communication skills. We are honored to give Brittany our highest recommendation.
Shannon Moore, Green Lion Realty
I am rocking thanks to her! She has been getting me an average of 1.2 seller leads per day, and it costs me about 15% of what I pay Zillow every month. I’m done with Zillow after my contract is up!
My new site is AMAZING; she did product photography, writing, SEO, integrated sales stuff, social media, branding, ads and more. Now I truly have a turn key system so all I have to do is SELL!
Marisa Bell, Pensive Styles